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Don's Poetry

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Whistling In The Graveyard

by Don Baham on February 18, 2018

A paucity of joy nowadays

in more of my moments

seems to be insistently

the order of the day …

and nights …

Anxiety …

depression …


near despair …

insistently occupy my core …

The elephant in the room

is becoming

more and more insistent

that I ignore

his fatal presence …

As I find it more difficult

to discover more than

a too-brief moment

of pleasure

in experiencing the now …

So don’t expect

a beautiful poetic treatise

from me today

until fate exorcises

Trumpenstein …

Or will you simply

add your trilling

to humankind’s


whistling in the graveyard …

As the minute hand

of the Doomsday Clock

advances even closer

to humankind’s seeming

terminal extinction …