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Goodbye Anna Mae

By Uncle Don Baham – July 2, 2015

So long dear niece; I’ll miss you … 

“You are too beautiful for one man alone,

for one lucky fool to be with …”

That was one of my favorite greetings when she answered my phone call.

Another was: “I love you for sentimental reasons; I hope you do believe me; I’m giving you my love …”

And yet another among a collection of musical professions of love I serenaded Anna Mae with when I occasionally called her was: “If I loved you, time and again I would stop to say all I want you to know; how I love you …”

And this is how I’d consistently start our telephone visits because I knew dependently that my silly singing would elicit a cheery smiling response … which made me feel kinda’ warm and fuzzy inside …

I am Uncle Don, Anna Mae’s father’s youngest and last surviving brother who from the time when we were prepubescent’s in depression era New Orleans always had a very special love for Carroll and Louise’s oldest daughter.

I remember her childhood mimicking the mothering behaviors of Lou when Anna Mae decided that her many sisters needed guidance when Lou was out of eye-sight …

I don’ t recall much else about Ana Mae through the years until the recent years when we reconnected and I found real joy in “professing my love for her” and eliciting her sweet response.

And I needn’t remember anything more than that because those teleconnections, and the feelings they engendered will still linger when Ana Mae crosses my mind from now on …

And that is what she gave to me and that is what I’ll miss …

So long dear niece; I’ll miss you …