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By Don Baham – September 26, 2014

It’s 4:47 in the morning

And tomorrow morning

Lewis is expecting

A poem from me

And I look at the monitor

As if my gazing will magically

Awaken my creativity

So that Lewis will approve

Of the result


I am aware that

I’m scared that

Lewis’ seeming angry reaction

To my last presentation

Could affect his reaction

To what I deliver tomorrow

With my sudden awareness

And despite my apprehension

I will now release

My creative juices

And produce another poem

That might offend

Because it’s “political”

According to Daniel Goleman’s

“Emotional Intelligence”

Each of us has

Seven primary emotions

Fear(F), Anger(A), Disgust(D), Love(L), Enjoyment(E), Sadness(S), Shame(S), Surprise(S)

Suggesting to me the following acronym


Recent examples of

FADLESSS in me follow...